How do you know if your pipes are perforated?

Smoke testing:
an innovative practice

Plumbing pipes can sometimes perforate and release nauseating odors. But how do you for sure? Smoke testing is a safe, efficient way to verify sanitary sewage. Non-toxic smoke is injected into the access column («manholes») in order to identify where the smoke is leaking. During the test, it’s possible to see smoke exiting from the manholes, downspouts, basement sewers and sinks.

Characteristics of the smoke utilized

Seeing smoke come out of your home’s drains can be daunting. Nothing to fret as this smoke is completely harmless! Said smoke is conceived for this purpose and does not harm humans, animals or plants. It has a particular odor that’s not unpleasant and is not in any way harmful to the lungs. It’s non toxic, won’t stain and is not flammable. It evaporates after a few minutes.

How does smoke testing work?

If smoke penetrates in your home during testing, there’s a chance your plumbing is defective. The pipes don’t lead to your sewer? Two tests allow us to conduct an efficient diagnostic: smoke testing or coloring. Both processes offer precise mapping for your plumbing but professional services are required. We have the equipment, the experience and the know-how to conduct these tests per strict industry standards.

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