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Drain unclogging:
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Often forgotten, drains play such an important role in making sure wastewater circulates towards your sewage system. When clogging occurs, drains are really put to the test. Instead of evacuating water as they should, you dealing with backflow. Don’t wait to find yourself knee-deep in dirty water. Call us immediately.

Espoir Débouchage has helped many households, spanning several years. Highly experienced, we’ve developed the skills and know-how that allow us to deal with any type of unclogging situation efficiently and in a timely manner. If your pipes are clogged or your drain just isn’t doing the job right, we have the equipment to quickly diagnose and intervene. Some clogging situations may require a more refined camera inspection and we can do that as well. This technology allows us to detect clogging with precision and take the necessary steps to solve the situation as fast as possible.

Pipe unclogging

Our qualified, skilled team can unclog, remove tartar and clean branch pipes for your sinks, toilets, urinals, showers, bidets, baths, cellar pipings, crawl space, underground parking and even gutters.

Main sewage unclogging

We’re also specialized in unclogging obstructed sewage drains that can have a real negative effect on your environment if wastewaters start to backflow. Main sewage obstruction is a serious matter that requires emergency intervention for health purposes.

Siphon unclogging

Bad odor, obstruction or overflowing usually stem from a defective siphon. For your comfort and to avoid the risk of flooding, don’t hesitate to call us at the first sign that your siphon may be defective.

Water column unclogging

You can call upon us if you’re experiencing trouble with the water column evacuation of wastewater in your building. If there’s blockage or leakage, we’ll intervene quickly and take all necessary precautions so that wastewater does not flood your apartment, your basement or crawl space.

Wastewater column unclogging

We unclog vertical, wastewater, sewage or rainwater columns and we ensure complete control by video surveillance that confirms everything is back to normal in the building and we’ve properly identified the causes for clogging.

Crawl space unclogging

We intervene in the case of partially or fully clogged crawl spaces by using appropriate tools such as a high-pressure head, grapples, fin drills, etc that allow us to unclog all types of crawl spaces, regardless of height.

Advice for housing owners

Espoir Débouchage offers plumbing maintenance and preventive services twice per year for certain clients. How often have you had your pipes cleaned over the last 5 years? Cleaning should be conducted every two years when you’re a landlord who rents living units. The better your service, the higher the chances you’ll keep your tenants and they’ll happily pay you on time in order to stay.

Drain unclogging: Everything you need to know

Sanitary installations

Sanitary installations

We treat and offer maintenance for all types of drains.

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Sewer
  • Bath
  • Garage drains


Obstructed or problematic drains can stem from different causes. Here are a few:

  • Accumulation of fine soil or root particles in the drain
  • Faulty installation (against slope, flattened pipe, lack of crushed stone, etc.)
  • Waste or rubbish such as hair, string, tissu, grease corks

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