High-pressure water cleaning is the last step to take when all conventional processes have failed. We use the General Pipe cleaner JM-1000 for water pressure cleaning, which tackles grease, sand, mud and even ice. General JM-1000 allows to do the work with a maximum penetration power and to dislodge under pressure the debris on the pipe walls.

Our professional plumbers will be happy to unclog your drains with high-pressure water. You are in good hands with Espoir Débouchage plomberie.

At Hope Drain Unclogging, we clean your sewer with pressure ranging from 1000 to 4000 pounds. With a maximum of 4,000 pounds to dislodge debris such as grease, sand, silt and sludge have no chance of remaining. High-pressure water cleaning is the most effective process for unclogging a drain. Water pressure drain cleaning is often chosen as a last resort because the cost is somewhat more expensive than a standard drain cleaning done with a simple electric drain cleaner. High-pressure drain cleaning is something we have mastered to a tee!

Espoir Débouchage has all the professional equipment to unclog and clean residential and commercial drains with high-pressure water.