Camera inspection can avoid very costly situations as well as litigation.

Camera inspection is largely used to detect any abnormalities in your sewer drains and will subsequently help unclog your sewer drains in an efficient manner.

Inspect your drains

It is important to be aware of problems with your main pipes. Camera inspection of your sewers and drains is necessary to keep your building in good condition. A camera inspection is always required before doing any type of drainage work. Espoir Débouchage, in addition to being specialized in unclogging, we offer the service of superior quality camera inspections. Espoir Débouchage can offer you a detailed report on a USB key of the inspection by camera containing video and photos of the interior of your sewers allowing to identify the problem in order to solve it quickly. Camera inspection should be mandatory on used constructions to avoid bad surprises.

Caméra Gen-Eye POD

The Gen-Eye POD Inspection Camera and Lightweight MINI-POD combine camera, retractor and monitor in one all-in-one package. You get a large 7 “LCD color monitor protected by a padded case. It is mounted on a sturdy but flexible gooseneck that swings to give you the best viewing angle, wherever you are. Leveling camera and 200ft of Gel -Rod for troubleshooting 3 “to 10” waste pipes. The sturdy steel frame can be used vertically or horizontally, allowing you to handle almost any application. A video output connection allows you to record on an external device.